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Optimal Pregnancy Environment Risk Assessment (OPERA)

An international group of researchers, care providers, foundations and agencies dedicated to women at risk for preterm birth.

About OPERA: Goals and Objectives

OPERA (Optimal Pregnancy Environmental Risk Assessment) is an international, interdisciplinary program of researchers, care providers, health administrators, foundations and agencies dedicated to discovering and disseminating inexpensive and accessible tools to diagnose those women at risk for preterm birth or other adverse pregnancy and newborn outcomes as early as possible in pregnancy and to promoting effective interventions to mitigate these risks. Meetings and workshops are organised in conjunction with interested parties internationally to work with regional care providers, researchers and health administrators to encourage, guide and facilitate local efforts to develop and use tools appropriate for the jurisdiction to predict risk for adverse pregnancy and newborn outcomes. OPERA is supported by the Worldwide Universities Network and is recognised by the World Health Organization and the March of Dimes (USA).

OPERA meetings and workshops are organised in partnership with local practitioners, researchers and administrators to help professionals learn more about the risks in the local jurisdiction, the latest advances in risk assessment, and to share ideas, tools and platforms in order to begin predicting risk locally and then identifying the means to mitigate those risks. 

OPERA facilitates research projects and risk prediction trials in each community that holds a meeting or workshop according to the desires of the local professionals. OPERA experts can provide advice and support for each phase of a research project or trial.

OPERA connects professionals in local jurisdictions with other professionals involved in OPERA internationally. Its website is designed to describe and share the latest risk prediction tools and successes of teams everywhere and encourages them to be trialed in a variety of settings to determine how robust and universally applicable they are.

Topics and themes typically addressed at OPERA meetings and workshops

  • Identification of population level risk factors for preterm birth and adverse pregnancy problems involving migration, conflict, natural disasters, environmental (air, soil & water pollutants, green space, crime), and climate change/global warming factors.

  • Identification of personal markers of risk including clinical and medical histories, mental health, history of abuse, serum, metabolomic, and epigenetic factors.

  • Discussion of implementing risk assessment and intervention programs in various jurisdictions (e.g. LMIC, HIC) and stratification of risk assessment techniques to suit the community and its resources.

  • Recommendations and resources for continuing work and projects (collaborative projects, too) and implementation of risk prediction tools.


OPERA Past and upcoming Meetings and Workshops

  • Preparatory workshops: World Health Organization, Geneva, 2013, 2014

  • International Preterm Birth – Industry Meeting: Ottawa, Canada, November 2014 (

  • Inaugural meeting: San Francisco, March, 2015 (

  • OPERA China Workshop: Chongqing, November, 2016

  • OPERA China Update: Chongqing, September 18, 2018

  • OPERA Europe Meeting: Pforzheim, Germany, December 11-12, 2018

  • OPERA India: several regional conferences, 18 February – 25 February, 2019

  • OPERA Preterm Birth Symposium: DOHaD Meeting, Melbourne, October, 2019

  • OPERA Ghana: Accra, Ghana, May 2020