International Conference on Role of Genetic, Epigenetic, Environment towards Plant, Animal and Human Health under climate change




  • To provide an international platform for scientists, researchers, academicians, industry people and students from agriculture, veterinary and human health disciplines.

  • To review the status of knowledge and practices being adopted at regional and global levels in the field of impact of climate change related issues and plant animal and human health.

  • To expose students, researchers, medical interns to cutting edge technologies in genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.

  • To identify long term challenges in the area of genetic, epigenetic environment, nutrition and therapeutic  interventions.

  • To establish international collaboration and partnerships in the area of plant, animal and human health aspects and to pursue objectives of OPERA especially in developing countries


Conference Themes

  • Role of genes and genetics determining trait expression and phenotypes

  • Influence of environment towards  trait expression and phenotypes

  • Genotype Environment Interactions contributing to phenotypes

  • Epigenetics : causes and effects on gene expressivity and penetrance

  • Bio-Nano technologies and genomics in relation to plant, animal and human health

  • RNA silencing in relation to disease and disorder  control

  • CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing towards favourable genetic alterations

  • Genetic, epigenetic and environment factors  towards reproductive and growth disorders like  abortions and pre-term births

  • Impact of  environmental stresses and climate change  on preterm birth.

  • Therapeutic, hormonal , nutritional , environment interventions for holistic  health care including pregnancy and related risks.